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How to use Facebook in China in 2020 (Step by Step Guide If you try to directly access Facebook in China, your browser will return a message that says “Unable to connect” and your mobile Facebook app will show a blank space. The blocking is because that the internet in China is subjected to censorship, the authorities will delete any content on the internet that is considered as “harmful How to Access Facebook in China on iPhone - YooCare Blog Jul 02, 2019 How To Access Facebook In China | How To Access Facebook Sep 17, 2013 How to Access Facebook in China |Blog

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How to Access Facebook in China | Updated for 2020 The best method to access Facebook in China is via a Virtual Private Network, often called a “VPN”. I recommend and use both ExpressVPN and NordVPN to do this. But what is a VPN? Simply put, a VPN is a way of encrypting your data for purposes of security and masquerading your network so that it looks as though you are somewhere else. Why Facebook Is Banned in China & How to Access It

Oct 22, 2019 · How to Access Facebook in China The Future of Facebook in China Facebook ( FB ) has more than 2.5 billion monthly active users worldwide, with primarily no footprint in China.

How to Use facebook in China - LaowaiCareer Jul 01, 2016 Best Free VPN to Access Facebook in China - TheBestFreeVPN In China, that comes in handy because people, to access Facebook and all the other blocked sites, need to hide from the government the fact that they are doing it from China. To use a free VPN to unblock Facebook there, just pick the right provider, connect to a foreign server from a country that allows access to the social network, and voila. How can I access Facebook in china?- eChinacities Answers You will need to get a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other sites that are blocked by China. If you do a search on Google for "VPN" you will find all sorts of options for all sorts of budgets/operating systems.