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Karoo Drain pan Pump is a semi submersible pump designed to automatically remove water from fan coils, A/C systems, dehumidifiers amd refrigerated cases Manufacturer: REFCO MPN: 4678512 KTM 790 ADVENTURE R: FULL TEST | Dirt Bike Magazine For that, you really need at least an option for electronic suspension control. The instrument panel is a 5-inch TFT display that has the resolution of a good iPad. KTM chose to equip the R model with Metzeler Karoo tires, which are more street-oriented than you might expect on a bike like this, but they are very good on the pavement with General Discussion - Page 41 - The Paceline Forum

Oct 02, 2017

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Karoo allows you to use both a touchscreen and or buttons to control it. This means that Karoo works great in a cafe or in a muddy rainstorm. Karoo also has some pretty high tech software that reads whether it is water or a finger touching it, allowing the touchscreen to work really well in the rain should you chose to use it then.

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