Assess what you might lose. Before you commit to breaking up with Facebook, it’s important to …

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Dec 31, 2019 · The second option is to permanently delete your Facebook account. This involves contacting Facebook directly, and you will have to jump through multiple hoops to do so. This timely process takes up to about two weeks to complete, but if you want your information removed, that is the only way to go about it.

Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently Go to Facebook’s deletion page. In a web browser, explore to by writing it into the address bar and pressing ↵ Enter. Jan 29, 2020 · How to delete a Facebook account permanently If you’re set on deleting your Facebook account for good, click the following link and choose the ‘ Delete Account ’ option. Before deleting your Oct 03, 2019 · Go to Facebook's deletion page. In a web browser, navigate to by typing it into the address bar and pressing ↵ Enter. If you are not automatically logged in, enter the email address or phone number and password for your account, then click Log In. It's a blue button in the middle of the page. Click at the top right of any Facebook page. Click Settings, then click Your Facebook Information in the left column. Click Deactivation and Deletion. Choose Deactivate Account, then click Continue to Account Deactivation and follow the instructions to confirm.

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Mar 22, 2018 · Before you delete Facebook permanently, consider downloading the photos and other data you have stored there (it’s probably a lot). And a quick note: When you delete your account, it may take up