I urgently need a FREE mass email sysstem for my start-up business and would like to know it Thunderbird can be used for this purpose. If not Thunderbird, are there any suggestions? Even if it means creating my own service, any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Sunev. ectn9@yahoo.com

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Send personalized mass emails using mail merge function in Outlook. 1. In Outlook, please navigate to the Contacts view. And then click View > Change View > Phone as the below screenshot shown.. 2. Hold the Ctrl key to select multiple contacts that you will send emails to.. 3. Go to the Home tab, click the Mail Merge option in the Actions group. See screenshot:

In the Email address: field, enter your Google Mail address (e.g., NetID@umass.edu). In the Password: field, enter your Application Specific Password generated by Google. Click Continue. The window will expand to show more options and the message saying Thunderbird failed to find the settings for your email account will appear.

May 10, 2017 · Windows 10 comes with an email client built in, but a third-party client like Thunderbird is a far better choice for managing your messages. That's because Windows Mail is online-only, so there's Apr 26, 2019 · Mozilla Thunderbird is a completely free email application you can easily install, use and customize on your devices. In some ways, Thunderbird is like Microsoft Outlook, which is a personal information manager users can purchase as a part of Microsoft Office. However, you might find Thunderbird a more helpful app because its customization options are much more plentiful.