This question is a bit confusing since a .ko file represents a kernel object. In other words, it has already been compiled. To edit the module you would need the source code, most likely tun.c and some related files.

como instalar tun.ko manualmente, download tun module manual, how to install tun ko on android, instal tun.ko manual, instalar tun.ko manualmente, install tun.ko manually, tun ko loader, tun ko manual instaler, tun.ko manual, tunko loaded Kernel from which you build your kernel module and to which you are inserting module should be of same version. If you do not want to take care of this thing you can use following Makefile. obj−m += hello−world.o all: make −C /lib/modules/$(shell uname −r)/build M=$(PWD) modules clean: make −C /lib/modules/$(shell uname −r)/build M I suspected that most TV sticks did not include the tun.ko module in their kernel natively so you must get a compatible tun.ko module for VPN to work. I took a look at the tun.ko repository database and i saw that there was a tun.ko for my particular model (similar/same hardware?) Anyways here are the steps i followed to have a working VPN: 1. Aug 07, 2011 · android kernel module cifs mount, cifs manager for tun, cifs module, cifs module galaxy tab 4, does the galaxy tab 4 support tun, download tun module manual, huawei device tun module, load tun to kernel by terminal, tun ko kernel module is not loaded Jun 24, 2011 · If all goes well, there will now be a file tun.ko in drivers/net. Copy it to your device using adb, and place it in /system/lib/modules (create the directory if necessary). To check the version of the module, type "strings drivers/net/tun.ko". It will show you the version of the module.

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Nov 06, 2011 · I was just wondering what custom roms had a working tun.ko module for use with get-a-robot-vpnc for connecting to a cisco asa vpn. The 2 roms that I were looking at were: Tranquility 3.6.0 - haven't seen any talk about it. Now it is time to insert your freshly-compiled module it into the kernel with insmod ./hello-1.ko (ignore anything you see about tainted kernels; we'll cover that shortly). All modules loaded into the kernel are listed in /proc/modules. Go ahead and cat that file to see that your module is really a part of the kernel. Using TUN.ko Installer 1. Make sure you have a rooted android phone. 2. Click the install button to check if we have a working tun module for your device. 3. Wait for the installation to finish. If we do not have a tun module just try again later. Submitting your own tun.ko: 1. Make sure tun.ko is already loaded in your device. 2.

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The module seems to exist, as there is a tun.ko.gz in /lib/modules/. I really dont know what else to try. vpn kernel-module. share | improve this question | follow | Mar 03, 2012 · In the case of tun.ko it is a virtual network kernel device. The equivalent of tun.ko in Linux is TUN/TAP or the TAP-Win32 driver in Windows. You can either load and unload modules explicitly using the insmod and rmmod commands or the kernel itself can demand that the kernel daemon (kerneld) loads and unloads the modules as they are needed. Download and install the app here Google Play - TUN.ko Installer; Start the app and click the install button to start downloading the tun.ko module for your MStar Android TV android device. Wait for the installation to finish. If it cannot find a compatible tun module, just try again later until someone uploads a working tun.ko for MStar