Aug 08, 2014

The APT suite of tools includes a command called apt-cache whose purpose is to provide information about the Debian package database. Information are gathered during the apt-get update operation from the sources listed in the sources.list file.. In this lesson we will describe some features of this command. Faster or slower: the basics of Docker build caching May 04, 2020 Docker cache and apt-get update. – Dat's homepage Jul 13, 2015 Free Disk Space from APT's Cache | Tombuntu Aug 01, 2008

Mar 30, 2015

6.3. The apt-cache Command - The Debian Administrator's The apt-cache command can do keyword-based package searches with apt-cache search keyword.It can also display the headers of the package's available versions with apt-cache show package.This command provides the package's description, its dependencies, the name of its maintainer, etc. Note that apt search, apt show, aptitude search, aptitude show work in the same way. apt – Manages apt-packages — Ansible Documentation

May 04, 2020