An appendix to that agreement elaborates further that the Five Eyes are to share “continuously, currently and without request” both “raw” (that is, unanalyzed) intelligence in addition to “end product” (intelligence that has been subjected to analysis or interpretation).

Seventy-one years ago, Great Britain and the United States signed the 1946 UKUSA Agreement — an unprecedented intelligence alliance that quickly incorporated Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Thus the Five Eyes intelligence community was born. The partnership — based on mutual trust and the realization that intelligence sharing could provide huge national advantages — came of age in Exclusive: Five Eyes intelligence alliance builds Oct 12, 2018 Five Eyes Alliance: Everything You Need to Know | Business Sep 20, 2019

May 25, 2017

Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes (In-Depth Explanation)

The Five Eyes intelligence alliance of the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand began in the Cold War to meet the threat posed by the Soviet Union. Today, the nations' intelligence communities must contend with domestic terrorism and cyber threats while remaining ahead of Russia and China.

Five Eyes Alliance spying on each other’s citizens. In short, the Five Eyes have the technical capability to record and analyze virtually all electronic communications around the world and has been doing so for decades. Whether they are doing so in compliance with international treaties or even their own laws is up for debate. Five Eyes sigint cooperation continues to be governed by the UKUSA Agreement and its associated technical instructions. A current version of the UKUSA Agreement is not publicly available, but sources indicate that the Agreement has evolved to keep abreast of modern threats and associated demands of sustaining a dominant cryptologic capability. Five Eyes Countries 2020 A group of nations has joined with the United States to form what is known as the Five Eyes, also known simply as FVEY. This is an intelligence cooperative in the areas of military intelligence, human intelligence, and signals intelligence.