How to reinstall a package using apt-get on a Debian or

If you need to save or process the output of apt, it's a good idea to use apt-get instead. Apt is available on several modern Linux distributions, primarily Debian and Ubuntu . It is also available on Windows 10 systems that use the default Ubuntu Windows Subsystem for Linux . Aug 27, 2015 · So in this post, we will try to see how can we download and install packages from apt-get in ubuntu, when machine is behind proxy. For this, we have to add one line in /etc/apt/apt.conf. Basically this file contain various apt-get configuration, that we want to use during apt-get command. $ sudo apt-get install vsftpd=2.3.5-3ubuntu1 Remove Package Without Configuration. Normally purging packages will remove the packages configuration files too. To prevent configuration removal use remove parameter like below. $ sudo apt-get remove tmux Nov 06, 2018 · Use apt-get purge command. If you want to remove an application completely from your system, also removing any personalized settings, it is best to use the apt-get purge command. In this example, I will be removing the OpenJDK package named “openjdk-11-jdk:amd64” from my system. Run the following command as sudo in order to remove a software;

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How to use the APT command on Ubuntu/Debian Linux systems

How to install htop on Debian Linux using apt-get nixCraft published a tutorial about installing htop on Debian Linux using apt-get. How to install htop on Debian Linux using apt-get. This quick guide explains how to install htop (interactive process viewer) on Debian Linux 8/9/10 server or desktop system using the apt or apt-get command. How to Use the apt Command to Manage Ubuntu Packages Basically, the apt command is which administrators can use to perform some of the functions available in the older apt-get and apt-cache commands. However, apt is a simpler command line that delivers several benefits over the other package management tools. It is easy to use, and admins can also include in system administration scripts.