How To Ping By MAC Address? Ping Command Prompt

How to Find MAC Address in Windows 10 - Winaero On the next page, you will find the line Physical address(MAC). It is the MAC Address value you are looking for. Find the MAC Address in Command Prompt. It is possible to find the MAC address in Windows 10 using a couple of console commands. You need to open a new command prompt instance and type or paste one of the following commands. getmac Ping and ARP commands when using IP cameras A ping test determines if an IP camera or other IP device can be reached on your network, and the latency (communication delay) between your computer and these devices. An ARP lookup will return all your connected devices IP and MAC addresses and IPCONFIG will return a computer's IP information.

Since our software has ARP Ping, they thought it could be used to ping their computer's MAC address. I had to go through an explanation where I basically told them that although their MAC address may be (or may not be) unique, the system of routing packets on the internet has no way to sending a packet to the MAC address of their lost laptop.

Jan 04, 2011 pinging multicast address - Cisco Community Re: pinging multicast address For example; if you are running OSPF, the hello packets use If you were to ping all the OSPF routers that are sending hellos out will answer your ping. Ping by MAC Address - June 2015 - Forums - CNET

Feb 24, 2017

The MAC address is assigned to a network interface card (NIC), which is then assigned an IP address. The IP address and MAC address work together to communicate on your network or on the Internet. Every web server or computer connected to the Internet has a network card with an assigned MAC address. Learn the basics of computer networking at The ping command is a diagnostic … How to ping a mac address - TechRepublic You can't really 'ping' a MAC address. But, if you know the MAC address of a device and if TCP/IP is running on the device and you don't know the IP address of the device you can ping it. Use 'arp Ping Mac Address to Find Internet Protocol Jul 05, 2020 How to Find a MAC Address Using an IP Address Apr 29, 2020