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DVR/NVR and Router Port Forward Setting Requirements a. Port (TCP) range is correctly entered. Must be five (5) sequential ports. b. Router port range is set to the same value AND all five (5) router ports are set to Port Forward. c. Webviewer Port is set to 80. NOTE: If a different port range needs to be assigned, the same range must be programmed in the DVR/NVR and the router. The router ports MD1600: Port Forwarding – Motorola Mentor Nov 16, 2019

If you need to use Port Forwarding or DMZ and are unable to access a device from outside your home network, you have two options: Allow Access: Go to the Network section in the xFi app or website, select the device you want to provide access to, and follow the instructions to Allow Access .

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Port Forwarding Instructions for the magicJack PLUS *guide*

Each router/modem is different. Players should consult their router/modem’s user manual for detailed instructions on how to set up port forwarding. It is recommended that players also assign a Static IP address to their console to make port forwarding easier.