Oct 31, 2014

Jun 24, 2020 That Walking Dead/Zombieland/Warm Bodies Spoof Movie You Jan 29, 2015 Watch: James McAvoy Stars In Hilarious Star Trek Spoof Video Split actor James McAvoy has created a homemade, quarantine-inspired spoof of Star Trek titled Star Force: Sci-Fisolation, and it's a great watch.

ARC acquired the rights to distribute the film last month and has now set an official launch date for the spoof film. "The Walking Deceased" will be parodying the likes of "Shaun of the Dead," "World War Z," "Dawn of the Dead," "Zombieland," "Night of the Living Dead," "Warm Bodies" and, predominantly, "The Walking Dead."

Airplane! at 40: the best spoof comedy ever made Still love the first film though. Think the sequels are pretty good too. As for 'Way Out West' mentioned by another FM, I do see it as kind of a spoof Western involving a lot of the 'tropes', but maybe not. Simon Pegg gives coronavirus survival advice in "Shaun of

Apr 29, 2017

Beyond Another Sequel, ‘Taken’ Now Has Spoof Film Going Mar 17, 2014 The dead Don't Die evaluation – Lumbering zombie spoof in More from Go London {{title}} Click to followGO LondonAbout Don'tThe Dead Don't Die review: Lumbering zombie spoof in desperate need of some brainsAbout review: Vampires can be classy, Spoofs: the films that ate Hollywood | Ryan Gilbey | Film Aug 06, 2009 Seth Rogen & Zac Efron Spoof ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ In