Biometric Authentication Biometric authentication methods include retina, iris, fingerprint and finger vein scans, facial and voice recognition, and hand or even earlobe geometry. The latest phones are adding hardware support for biometrics, such as TouchID on the iPhone.

Passport JS. Passport is not only a 15k stars user-auth library, it is probably the most common way … Authentication Methods 4 Au thentication Methods. Authentication means verifying the identity of someone (a user, device, or an entity) who wants to access data, resources, or applications. Validating that identity establishes a trust relationship for further interactions. Online authentication methods: Personal information cards An alternative authentication method-- or, indeed, a complementary one -- is information cards. Information cards are open, vendor-neutral industry standards for managing and sharing digital

The Pros and Cons of Advanced Authentication

May 13, 2016 · Users can still have Windows 10 passwords, but they also have other access methods at their disposal. Welcome Windows Hello Windows Hello could best be summed up as biometric authentication .

Alternative Bank Authentication Methods - Tips & Tricks

Apr 17, 2014 · Biometric authentication is the most well-known alternative to passwords. Everyone knows that fingerprints can be used to identify people, and devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple's iPhone Alternative SSO Methods. This tech brief is intended to highlight SAML-based SSO; however the following single sign-on methods are also supported: Cookie-based SSO: Works by using Web based HTTP Cookies to transport user credentials from browser to server without input from the user. Existing credentials on the client machine are gathered and Authentication is one of the corner stones in an offloading solution. Aptilo offers best practice methods as well as alternative solutions, allowing the service provider to mix methods and create more innovative user interfaces.