How to Factory Reset iPad If You forgot Password

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Mar 13, 2018

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Apr 04, 2020

This will restore your iPad and erase all the existing data and saved settings on it. Please note that this solution only works if your iPad was synced to this computer before it's locked. If it's never been synced on this computer, iTunes won't be able to restore the locked iPad … How to I wipe my iPad clean to start over… - Apple Community Jan 24, 2016 Top 2 Ways to Factory Reset iPad without iTunes in 2020 Factory reset iPad without passcode and iTunes- It can reset iPad without iTunes and even the passcode; Permanently wipe iOS data with no chance of recoverability- It can erase all the data on your iPad, including hidden junk files like caches, cookies, temporary files, corrupted files/crash logs; using traces of third-party apps and ven the previous deleted data.